AFuzion wins national DO-178C Training regimen for Germany, and DO-178C Training, DO-254 Training, and ARP-4754A Training for Turkey

27 Mar


            “AFuzion’s Training:  More than all other trainers in the world:  COMBINED”


The largest safety-critical training venues in Germany and Turkey independently selected AFuzion as the principal provider of  their country’s largest safety-critical training forums in DO-178C, DO-254, ARP-4754A, ADS-B and ISO-26262.

Munich’s Aviation Electronics Europe event scheduled for April 20-21 is Europe’s largest aviation electronics conference with hundreds of experts and companies convening to learn, see, and share the latest technologies. AFuzion was selected as the sole provider of DO-178C training and ADS-B training to engineers and experts who will travel from throughout the world to attend.

Electronic Valley’s Education Week in Ankara Turkey May 2 through May 7 will be the world’s largest safety-critical training venue, with a dozen classes offered over the six-day period. Additional classes in ISO-26262, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761A plus DO-178C, and DO-254 training classes will be offered.

Classes include those described here:

Says Vance Hilderman, CEO of AFuzion “We’re extremely proud to have been selected by the largest safety-critical event organizers in Europe:  Germany and Turkey.  AFuzion’s trainers have trained more persons in these subjects than all our competitors in the world … combined.  From our first class in 1993 to today, over 10,000 engineers from 40+ countries worldwide have been taught by the trainers of AFuzion.We’re expecting to train a few hundred more at the largest gatherings of engineers in Germany and Turkey.

Adds Chris Jackson, AFuzion co-founder “I depend on safety-critical engineering everyday when I drive my cars or fly our business jet. The odds are 99% that the products that keep my family and I safe have been infused with technology from AFuzion. We’re extremely pleased to have been selected to provide our training expertise to the world’s engineers at these two largest events in Germany and Turkey.  The map above shows a few places where our engineers have traveled to provide custom engineering solutions for our clients.”

For more information on these events, just visit:

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