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AFuzion Launches World’s First ADS-B Training for Avionics Engineers

28 Apr


AFuzion Inc has developed the world’s first ADS-B training course intended for avionics engineers and managers.  Selected by Aviation Electronics Europe to provide this training to paying students, AFuzion taught the ADS-B class to engineers from over 14 different worldwide companies in Munich, Germany on April 21, 2016.  The full-day ADS-B course provided students with basic knowledge to deploy Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast avionics systems.

AFuzion’s ADS-B class covers:

  • Background and technical context of ADS-B; what is really involved.
  • Ins and Outs of ADS-B: how to leverage ADS-B “In” and ADS-B “Out” in avionics solutions
  • Why is ADS-B mandatory, and what are costs versus benefits?
  • Today’s versus Tomorrow’s ADS-B solutions: how will avionics evolve for ADS-B?
  • Top ADS-B development risks and how to certify ADS-B for EASA & FAA
  • Applying ADS-B Best Practices


In 1989, AFuzion’s founder Vance Hilderman brought the world the first public avionics training for DO-178A. By 1997, his personally copyrighted DO-178B training had been provided to over 1,000 engineers worldwide.  By 2004, that number had grown to 3,500 avionics engineers training in DO-178B and DO-160. By 2012 he had personally taught over 7,000 persons and today he has provided his long-time personally copyrighted avionics development training regimens to over 10,500 engineers worldwide.

Attendees at Munich’s ADS-B training had this to say about this world-first training on April 21, 2016:

“I want to thank you for two day excellent training and making this expo fun, “truly” not “surely” ;)”   Olivera J.

“I had a great day yesterday! Thank you very much for some good insights on ADS-B.” Werner W.

“Your course was very interesting for me to get the whole picture on ADS-B, as I’m up to now was mainly  digging on details in some of the standard documents you have mentioned.”  Dr.  Manfred S.

“It was really a great presentation, smooth and easy to understand.”  Jamal N.

Evening Vance and thank you again for another great day of learning.” Andrew R.

I would like to thank you for the presentation you delivered today. I found it very interesting, which can be a tough task when discussing ADS-B. “   Anthony H.

More ADS-B Facts and information on AFuzion’s ADSB Training:


In the 1940’s, “radar” was introduced to aviation with great results. For 70 years, radar-based aviation ruled the skies, both on the ground and in the air. While still useful, GPS and satellite-based position information is vastly more capable than radar:  Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) uses GPS and satellites to determine aircraft position and broadcast that position to the world, in real-time.  ADS-B will soon be mandatory world-wide; it will promote better aviation safety and situational awareness while opening up myriad business and technological solutions to aviation …


Avionics manufacturers and aviation data suppliers worldwide have jumped on ADS-B for two reasons:  government mandates and business opportunities.  Government mandates ADS-B equipment to improve aircraft safety and reduce physical separation between aircraft to mitigate congestion. But ADS-B promises new business opportunities for aviation suppliers, just as personal computers and the internet did for consumers decades ago.


This fast-paced course is intended for aviation professionals seeking a better understanding of the “Ins” and “Outs” of ADS-B:  how it works, why it’s mandatory, what it means, and technological aspects to maximize success.    ADS-B from the ground up is described, literally, beginning with ground stations and receivers/transmitters.  The role of GPS and satellites is described, along with avionics requirements to meet the ADS-B mandate.  The new ADS-B “In” capability is described along with the potential for supplying fee-based data services to aircraft and the opportunities such entail.  The facts you need to succeed with ADS-B are presented in this one-day course.


Additional information on AFuzion training can be found here:


Avionics & Certification Acronyms – 17 Page List Compiled by AFuzion Engineers

6 Apr



AFuzion Inc. engineers from four continents have compiled the newest 17-page list of avionics and aviation certification acronyms.  Intended for internal avionics certification training purposes, AFuzion has decided to release the list publicly to promote aviation safety worldwide.  Says Mr. Jack Jones, AFuzion lead engineer and project manager: “I manage 15+ AFuzion engineers in the USA and Europe and we’re told we speak Avi-Lish, which is really Aviation and English combined. As a former test pilot, we really have our own language in aviation.  To make sure we all speak the same language along with our clients and certification authorities, we made this list over the last year. My AFuzion counterparts in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East helped so it’s truly international aviation English. We think it’s really cool and useful. We recently completed an AFuzion DO-178C Gap Analysis for a Fortune 500 client and we included it in the report – we’ll do the same for our AFuzion DO-254 Gap Analysis so everyone gets the most value from those”

Adds Chris Jackson, AFuzion principal “I’m really proud of our engineers for building this. They worked with 10-12 AFuzion client companies so it includes those company’s input also. I’m a litigation attorney and appreciate the need for common and complete terminology. As a business-jet pilot in my spare time I also appreciate the need for consistency and safety – these terms are used worldwide. Even though I don’t pretend to understand them all, I’m glad they’re now available worldwide. We will add this to our AFuzion DO-178C training agendas:


To obtain a free copy, just Google “Avionics Terms AFuzion” and click on the AFuzion link –use the Contact link from the AFuzion website to send a message with the word “Acronym” in the Subject and you’ll get the free 17-page  list immediately.