AFuzion Launches World’s First ADS-B Training for Avionics Engineers

28 Apr


AFuzion Inc has developed the world’s first ADS-B training course intended for avionics engineers and managers.  Selected by Aviation Electronics Europe to provide this training to paying students, AFuzion taught the ADS-B class to engineers from over 14 different worldwide companies in Munich, Germany on April 21, 2016.  The full-day ADS-B course provided students with basic knowledge to deploy Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast avionics systems.

AFuzion’s ADS-B class covers:

  • Background and technical context of ADS-B; what is really involved.
  • Ins and Outs of ADS-B: how to leverage ADS-B “In” and ADS-B “Out” in avionics solutions
  • Why is ADS-B mandatory, and what are costs versus benefits?
  • Today’s versus Tomorrow’s ADS-B solutions: how will avionics evolve for ADS-B?
  • Top ADS-B development risks and how to certify ADS-B for EASA & FAA
  • Applying ADS-B Best Practices


In 1989, AFuzion’s founder Vance Hilderman brought the world the first public avionics training for DO-178A. By 1997, his personally copyrighted DO-178B training had been provided to over 1,000 engineers worldwide.  By 2004, that number had grown to 3,500 avionics engineers training in DO-178B and DO-160. By 2012 he had personally taught over 7,000 persons and today he has provided his long-time personally copyrighted avionics development training regimens to over 10,500 engineers worldwide.

Attendees at Munich’s ADS-B training had this to say about this world-first training on April 21, 2016:

“I want to thank you for two day excellent training and making this expo fun, “truly” not “surely” ;)”   Olivera J.

“I had a great day yesterday! Thank you very much for some good insights on ADS-B.” Werner W.

“Your course was very interesting for me to get the whole picture on ADS-B, as I’m up to now was mainly  digging on details in some of the standard documents you have mentioned.”  Dr.  Manfred S.

“It was really a great presentation, smooth and easy to understand.”  Jamal N.

Evening Vance and thank you again for another great day of learning.” Andrew R.

I would like to thank you for the presentation you delivered today. I found it very interesting, which can be a tough task when discussing ADS-B. “   Anthony H.

More ADS-B Facts and information on AFuzion’s ADSB Training:


In the 1940’s, “radar” was introduced to aviation with great results. For 70 years, radar-based aviation ruled the skies, both on the ground and in the air. While still useful, GPS and satellite-based position information is vastly more capable than radar:  Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) uses GPS and satellites to determine aircraft position and broadcast that position to the world, in real-time.  ADS-B will soon be mandatory world-wide; it will promote better aviation safety and situational awareness while opening up myriad business and technological solutions to aviation …


Avionics manufacturers and aviation data suppliers worldwide have jumped on ADS-B for two reasons:  government mandates and business opportunities.  Government mandates ADS-B equipment to improve aircraft safety and reduce physical separation between aircraft to mitigate congestion. But ADS-B promises new business opportunities for aviation suppliers, just as personal computers and the internet did for consumers decades ago.


This fast-paced course is intended for aviation professionals seeking a better understanding of the “Ins” and “Outs” of ADS-B:  how it works, why it’s mandatory, what it means, and technological aspects to maximize success.    ADS-B from the ground up is described, literally, beginning with ground stations and receivers/transmitters.  The role of GPS and satellites is described, along with avionics requirements to meet the ADS-B mandate.  The new ADS-B “In” capability is described along with the potential for supplying fee-based data services to aircraft and the opportunities such entail.  The facts you need to succeed with ADS-B are presented in this one-day course.


Additional information on AFuzion training can be found here:


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