DO-178C Gaps & How To Close Them: Free 45-Minute Video

29 May

AFuzion Inc has released the video of the worldwide webinar “DO-178C Gaps & How To Close Them”, which was viewed by engineers from over 100 aviation companies in 20+ countries worldwide. To watch this video, see link below.

This new 45-minute DO-178C Training and DO-178C Gap Analysis video provides the viewer with a basic understanding of DO-178C mistakes, gaps, and how to mitigate them.  Also provided are tips on using CMMI within DO-178C as well as details on DO-178C requirements and DO-178C verification. .This webinar video features a brief synopsis of DO-178C based upon Vance Hilderman’s copyrighted DO-178 training and Gap Analysis materials first developed in 1985 for Hughes Aircraft.

DO-178C requires system developers to provide evidence proving compliance with up to 71 formal objectives, ranging from planning, development, integration, verification, configuration management, quality assurance, and certification. Newcomers are often surprised to learn that good software engineering processes can meet 50% to 70% of DO-178C’s objectives if proper techniques are used to quantify these practices. Yes, DO-178C costs may increase on initial development, however proper implementation can yield cost-savings on even the first project. Experienced developers will also benefit from learning about common DO-178C gaps and how to fill them.  (Note, for more details on DO-178C Gap Analysis, see )

Since 1985, Mr. Hilderman’s copyrighted trainings have been provided to over 10,500 engineers from 40+ countries worldwide.  Mr. Hilderman’s copyrighted DO-178 Gap Analysis materials have been used by many world-leading avionics companies, with the engineers of AFuzion having provided onsite Gap Analysis to 75+ companies, more than all competitors’ current employees combined.  Mr. Hilderman is also the principal author of the world’s best-selling books on DO-178B and DO-178C as well as dozens of copyrighted papers available for download at

Click here to view the DO-178C Gaps 45-minute video: AFuzion DO-178C Gaps 45 Minute Video







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