Avoiding Top 10 DO-254 Mistakes – a Free One-Hour Technical Webinar Recording Available Here

6 Jul

The latest AFuzion free technical webinar will address Top DO-254 avionics hardware mistakes, and how to avoid or mitigate them.  This webinar from AFuzion Inc is technical and free, intended for avionics hardware engineers and managers; it details the top 10 avionics hardware DO-254 mistakes and how to mitigate or close them. DO-254 (ED-80 in Europe) compliance is being required worldwide for many types of airborne hardware, and not only for the commercial aircraft it was originally intended for: helicopters, UAV’s, military aircraft, missiles, general aviation, satellite systems and more must comply with DO-254. The depth of industry myths will be discussed along with best tool-independent practices for cost-effective DO-254 implementation. The Top ten

mistakes within DO-254 hardware development activities will be detailed along with details on Best Practices to mitigate or avoid those mistakes.  Also, reducing DO-254 costs will be addressed along with DO-254 traceability and DO-254 certification best practices.

Attendees Will Learn:
* True intent of DO-254 by senior engineers with 100+ years of DO-254, DO-178A, DO-178B, and DO-178C experience
* Common DO-254 compliance gaps which worldwide Certification authorities focus upon
* Best practices of the world’s top avionics companies by engineers who have worked for 95 of them
* Top DO-254 mistakes, and how to avoid them, by the world’s #1 DO-254 trainer (Vance Hilderman has trained over 10,500 engineers worldwide, 3,500 of them in DO-254.

This webinar will be facilitated and presented by Mr. Brian Foley, Mr. Vance Hilderman, and Mr. Jack Jones, all affiliated with AFuzion Inc and BRiFO. Their experience encompasses most phases of aviation software development over the past forty years. Mr. Hilderman is the principal author of the world’s most popular books and papers on avionics development; his DO-178 training, first copyrighted in 1989, has been provided to over 10,500 engineers in 35+ countries; in the past 25 years he has provided more DO-178/254 training than all other trainers — combined.

Who Should Attend?
Aviation personnel including Engineers, Managers, Safety, Hardware, Test, Systems, Quality Assurance, and Proposal engineers.   Note: the webinar hosting service only allows 500 registrants; first-come, first-served. All of AFuzion’s last four technical webinars maxed out so better to register early rather than later.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.   Register:   https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7254522020045238788
Date and Time:

Viewable on demand:  free, simply register


Additional Information:

For Free technical DO-254 Whitepapers, download up to two free at: http://afuzion.com/avionics-safety-critical-training-whitepapers/


For information on DO-254 Training, details and info request at: http://afuzion.com/avionics-training/workshops/avionics-hardware-intermediate-do-254-training-class/


For information on DO-254 Gap Analysis, details and info request at:  http://afuzion.com/gap-analysis/



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