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Fall 2016 Important Avionics Development Dates: Conferences, Webinars, & Training

23 Aug


Important Avionics Development Dates – Fall 2016

 Avionics Conferences, Webinars, & Training 


Sept 13-15, 2016:  FAA Bi-Annual Certification Conference, Dallas Texas USA.  (Limited to 350 Attendees)        Info & Register :

Sept 14-16, 2016: Software Safety for Airborne Systems Conference, Berlin Germany.                                      Info & Register:

Sept 26-27, 2016: Public DO- 178C Training via SAE, Hartford CT USA:                                                               Info Request:

Sept 29, 2016: Free Technical Webinar 10 a.m. EST: “Managing Safety-Critical Requirements” – Jama Software & AFuzion. Register:

Oct 13, 2016: Free Technical Webinar 9 a.m. EST:  “How To Fail (and how NOT to Fail) at Airborne Software Development”   Register:

✔ Oct 25-26, 2016:   Electronic Valley Aviation & Avionics Development Conference, Ankara Turkey.              Info & Registration:

Nov 14-15, 2016: Public DO-178C Training via SAE: London UK.                                                                            Info & Registration:


AFuzion’s DO-278A Solutions Chosen by 3 of 5 World’s New CNS/ATM Developments

17 Aug

Three of the world’s top five new CNS/ATM developments chose AFuzion Inc.’s DO-278A training, gap analysis, and consulting services division. Commercial and military ground-based air traffic management systems are increasingly being required to comply with DO-278A. Why? Because Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems are becoming increasingly important while simultaneously becoming more complex. CNS/ATM systems are deployed throughout the world and beyond: on the ground, in the air, and in space. AFuzion’s DO-278A services cover DO-278A training, DO-278A Gap Analysis, and DO-278A consulting. A combination of AFuzion’s DO-278A services were chosen by, and delivered in 2016, to three of the world’s most important new DO-278A deployments of 2015 – 2016.


States AFuzion’s Chris Jackson: “We’ve been in aerospace for almost thirty years and knew DO-278A would become increasingly important , just like DO-178 twenty years ago. AFuzion’s engineers spent much of the last two years coordinating worldwide to further enhance our DO-278A capabilities. Some people think they know or can do DO-178C therefore they’re “good” for DO-278A. Wrong. DO-278A is a unique realm with many, many differences. Yes, we literally wrote the book (the world’s best-selling book) on DO-178 but that didn’t make us DO-278A experts: we’ve worked on many CNS/ATM systems and devoted significant resources to developing our proprietary DO-278A training, templates, gap analysis, and services. Winning three of the world’s top five DO-278A contracts of the past two years simply confirms our expertise and vision.”

AFuzion’s engineers developed the world’s first DO-178 training in 1988 and the world’s first DO-178 gap analysis in 1989 (for Hughes Aircraft where one of AFuzion’s founders was a Hughes Fellow). That training and gap analysis content has remained his sole, personal intellectual property since then, as are the dozens of technical papers he wrote after founding TekSci and HighRely. AFuzion’s DO-278A training, gap analysis, and consulting carry on this tradition of excellence, with AFuzion’s engineers having provided more DO-278 and DO-278A training and gap analysis activities than all other engineers in the world: combined.

Adds AFuzion’s Vance Hilderman “It’s really impressive that three of the world’s top five CNS/ATM new developments chose AFuzion for some combination of DO-278A training, DO-278A Gap Analysis, and DO-278A consulting. Interestingly, each of those three clients were on different continents which is fitting since AFuzion’s engineers have worked onsite in 35+ different countries. And these three companies vary considerably: one is large, one is mid-sized, and one is tiny. It’s like an athletic coach: good coaches can help an average Joe, a super Jane, or an Olympic John: similar principles apply but experience and customization are required. That’s what AFuzion excels at – the market simply confirmed such.”

For free DO-278A technical whitepapers, download at

For information on AFuzion’s DO-278A training, see:

For information on AFuzion’s DO-278A Gap Analysis, see:’s DO-278A Training Chosen by 3 of 5 Top CNS/ATM Developers

AEE Spotlight – Important News & Dates

16 Aug


Important news & dates from our friends at Aviation Electronics Europe – see below:


AEE 2017 has selected these avionics companies of interest August 2016
New Avionics Workshops: DO-178C, DO-254, & ARP-4754A

Today’s avionics increasingly require compliance to DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, and ARP-4754A. AFuzion Incorporated has added new and advanced training courses in these topics for delivery onsite anywhere in the world.  And SAE has selected AFuzion to provide its public DO-178C training: next classes in Connecticut (September 26-27) or London (November 14-15). AFuzion’s trainers have trained over 10,500 engineers in 35+ countries, more than all other trainers combined. Free technical whitepaper “Avionics Development Best Practices” available free for download here along with sample avionics development training information.

More Information

Free -to-attend Technology Workshop

Curtiss-Wright is hosting  the 8th Annual Flight Test Instrumentation Tech Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on October 4-5.  Presented by engineers for engineers with industry guest speakers, this will be two days of live demos, roadmap presentations and excellent networking opportunities. Click for more details and to view the full agenda.

More Information

Abstract submittal deadline extended to 31st August 2016.

The Advisory Committee are inviting abstracts for consideration for the 2017 Aviation Electronics Europe conference.

If you are interested in presenting at next years conference, you are encouraged to submit your abstract to the conference Advisory Committee via the Aviation Electronics Europe website.

Further details and how to submit your abstract are available at

More Information


Following the great success of the 2016 Aviation Electronics Europe, we are delighted to announce the next event will return to Munich, Germany on 25th-26th April 2017.

Aviation Electronics Europe is the premier exhibition & conference for the International avionics community and brings together the global industry experts for 2 days of discussion and discovery for ensuring the safety and security of future avionics programmes and integration with SESAR and NextGen.