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Avionics Knowledge Need A Boost? Six Choices – Four of Them Free.

24 Sep


Avionics development is rapidly changing – are you keeping up?   The last three months of 2016 brings you SIX opportunities to improve your skills; four of them are FREE.  Choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or all 6.  Your choice.


Free Webinar:  Developing Safety-Critical Requirements by Jama Software and AFuzion. September 29. Register here:

  Free Webinar: How to Fail (and NOT Fail) at Avionics Development by AFuzion and Critical Software – October 13: Register here (max 200 registrants only; 43 openings left):

London Aviation Training Week November 14-18 via SAE:  Multiple Classes including DO-178C Training (2 Days):  Information & Register Here:

Los Angeles DO-178C Training (2 Days) December 5-6, via SAE & AFuzion, Information & Register Here:

Ankara Aviation Training via Electronic Valley & AFuzion:  Multiple Free & Paid Classes including Advanced DO-254 Training (1.5 Days), October 25-26:  Information & Register Here:

New Free Technical Whitepaper: Understanding ARP-4754A & Avionics Systems Development, Download free at


Through Learning, the Impossible Becomes Merely Challenging” – Vance Hilderman