AFuzion Sets New DO-178C Record – Plans to do it Again …

29 Jun

AFuzion Sets New DO-178C Record – Plans to do it Again …

AFuzion DO-178C Training Four Courses Fall 2017

AFuzion is celebrating its record 13,000th engineer trained in DO-178 & DO-254 by … setting another record for Fall 2017.  AFuzion just announced a full regimen of public DO-178C Training in four countries over two months, the most ever by one company at one time:


AFuzion Inc., the world’s most prominent avionics development and DO-178C training & certifiation company, trained its 13,000th student in June 2017.  June itself was a record month with over 400 engineers trained in DO-178C, DO-278A, and DO-254 in seven cities worldwide.  AFuzion’s 13,000th student means AFuzion’s trainers have now trained 3X more engineers than all other training companies in the world, combined.

Says AFuzion founder Chris Jackson “It’s only fitting that AFuzion’s 13,000th student came in June:  our training was first provided to USA engineers in June 1989 which was the world’s first DO-178 training.  70+  DO-178C training iterations later, practically all of the world’s other DO-178C trainers learned by receiving AFuzion’s older training and re-use AFuzion’s old materials.  And most of them have a copy of the world’s best-selling book on DO-178C which of course was principally written by us. Our libray of whitepapers on DO-178C facts is the world’s largest and our competitors simply remove the author’s name because of course “their” papers are written by AFuzion.    But there is an easy way to get the most recent, most preferred, and best DO-178C training: simply attend one of the four worldwide classes announced by AFuzionn for Fall 2017.  The cheapest?  Of course not; would you really use a cheap car, cheap shoes, or even a cheap mattress?   No – you want the most cost-effective DO-178C training: AFuzion is provably the most cost-effective.  Can 13,000 engineers be wrong?”

Why attend AFuzion’s DO-178C training? You want:

  • The world’s most preferred training; more than all competitors combined.
  • To learn DO-178C Best Practices
  • To understand DO-178C’s true intent
  • You want free templates and checklists for DO-178C PSAC Template and DO-178C Requirements Checklist (only from AFuzion Inc.)
  • You want the world’s most cost-effective DO-178C training, not the cheapest …

For additional DO-178C training info, see here: AFuzion DO-178C Training Info & Action



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