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Free Technical Webinar: Avionics Hardware Development & Test – Applying DO-254 and DO-160 Best Practices

29 Dec


Avionics systems increasingly require proof of hardware quality via applied DO-254 development and DO-160 testing. Clearly, DO-254 and DO-160 appear to increase reliability but incur increased development and testing costs.  This DO-254 and DO-160 webinar by industry experts AFuzion and AerospacePal teaches viewers how to:
 Understand DO-254 for the real-world:  YOUR world.
 Understand DO-160 from the equipment designer’s point of view
 Understand the avionics hardware development and certification ecosystem
 Understand DO-160 common test failures and how to avoid them
 Learn common gaps in DO-254 understanding and how to close them with Best Practices
 Learn how to develop and test avionics systems more quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively

Date: Friday, February 9th.
Time: 10 a.m. Pacific Time
Note the 200-person limit for registrations; all prior webinars have been fully subscribed so best to register early.


Click Here to Register for Free DO-254 / DO-160 Webinar from AFuzionAFuzion_AerospacePal_Webinar_Cover



Have Aviation Certification Gaps? New 1-Minute Video for DO-178C & DO-254, ARP4754A, & DO-278A Gap Closure.

9 Dec
AFuzion 1-Minute Video: Aviation Gap Analysis

This 1-minute video describes how AFuzion performs aviation certification gap analysis: DO-178C Gap Analysis, DO-254 Gap Analysis, ARP4754A Gap Analysis, DO-278A Gap Analysis, etc.

Virtually every aviation company has inefficiencies or gaps in their certification process.  It’s very common to have DO-178C gaps, DO-254 Gaps, DO-278A gaps, ARP4754A gaps, DO-200B gaps, DO-297 Gaps, and the list goes on … (To watch the 1-minute Aviation Gap Analysis video, click on the top-of-page video here: AFuzion 1-Minute Aviation Development Gap Analysis Video

AFuzion has released a new 1-minute video summarizing the aviation gap analysis process and how to best close those certification gaps.  AFuzion also summarizes the gap analysis process on its website, read more here: AFuzion Aviation Certification Gap Analysis Page

Beginning in 1989, AFuzion’s engineers performed what was then the first-known DO-178 gap analysis (where AFuzion’s founder Vance Hilderman was a Hughes Technical Fellow). Since then, AFuzion’s actual engineers have performed more than 120 Gap Analysis of aviation systems, software, and hardware development/certification for over 80 different companies; this is more than all competitors current engineers in the world, COMBINED.  Clearly, with over 25 years’ experience, the AFuzion gap analysis process is highly refined and proprietary – available only at AFuzion.  Which gaps are examined by the AFuzion aviation Gap Analysis?

  • Safety Analysis per ARP4761A, ARP4754A, ED-153, Mil Std 882, etc.
  • System Requirements per ARP4754A et al
  • Software Requirements per DO-178C
  • Hardware Requirements per DO-254
  • Software and hardware design
  • Software and hardware implementation
  • Software and hardware verification and validation and tool application, automation, regression-test, reviews per industry-best checklists (AFuzion), etc.
  • Configuration Management
  • Quality Assurance and Process Assurance
  • Certification authority coordination
  • Supplier Management and auditing
  • Stage of Involvement (SOI) Preparation
  • Application of Industry-best Practices
  • Top 20 tips to reduce certification costs and avoid mistakes

What are the focus areas and experience of AFuzion’s actual current engineers for Gap Analysis?

  1. DO-178C Gap Analysis
  2. DO-254 Gap Analysis
  3. ARP4754 Gap Analysis
  4. ARP4761A Gap Analysis
  5. DO-278A Gap Analysis
  6. DO-200B Gap Analysis
  7. DO-326 Gap Analysis
  8. DO-297 Gap Analysis

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