Free 1-Hr Tech Webinar: Closing DO-178C Avionics Gaps – Thursday May 3, 2018

27 Apr

If you are aware of professional software in today’s world, you know that reliability is increasingly important. Some software such as avionics, medical devices, and automotive increasingly require formal proof of reliability, e.g. “Certification”. The bible of certification is “DO-178C” which is the guideline for avionics software worldwide. But what are the common DO-178C Gaps? How can you re-use most of what you already have?  What are the real costs and ways to reduce schedule and cost impact? Ultimately, what are the top DO-178C Gaps and the Best Practices to close them?

This one hour technical training webinar from AFuzion on Thursday May 3, 2018 will teach you all the above.   Registration is free, but you must register to attend. If you cannot attend, you must register in advance to view the free one-hour recording made available on May 4. Registration is limited to 500 attendees. Free registration here: Click Here To Register for Free DO-178C Gaps Webinar   (AFuzion has performed over 120 Gap Analysis for 80 clients in 30 countries – more than all other competitors in the world, COMBINED.  Here AFuzion shares secrets of closing DO-178C gaps for the first time.)  If you want additional training, next week’s Los Angeles training is sold out but there are four seats available for June 19-20 at Aviation Electronics Europe who has selected AFuzion to provide its technical training – free info here: Click here for Munich AEE June 19, 2018 DO-178C Training Info


May 3, 2018 Free DO-178C Gaps Webinar Agenda:

  • Tool Qualification
  • PSAC
  • Robustness Test Cases
  • Formal Methods
  • Unwarranted Changes
  • Coding Errors
  • RTOS
  • Automated Testing
  • Path Coverage Capture
  • Code Alterations
  • Traceability
  • Modeling Tools
  • Model Requirements
  • Requirement Detail
  • Formal Planning & Gap Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Tool Selection
  • Independence
  • DO-178C as an “Integrated Eco-System”

Vance Hilderman is CEO of Afuzion Inc, a safety-critical consultancy providing advanced consulting services in software and systems development including Training, Mentoring, and Outsourcing. Primary focus is safety-critical aviation and automotive (DO-178C, ISO 26262, DO-254, DO-278A, DO-200B, DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, DO-297, and ARP4754A and ARP4761A) software and hardware development & certification. UAV and TSO C199 experience. He holds a BSEE and MBA from Gonzaga, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from USC (Hughes Fellow). Vance Hilderman is the primary  author of “Avionics Certification – Complete Guide to DO-178, DO-178C, DO-254” the world’s best-selling avionics software book, plus over 30 whitepapers available for free download (max two per person except for AFuzion clients) here: Click Here for AFuzion Avionics Whitepaper Downloads

Ingo Nickles is a Senior Field Application Engineer at Vector and responsible for customer and project support for training and lectures on software development, system design, software testing and agile development methods.


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