New Cyber-Security in Aviation LinkedIn Group and record Cyber-Security Class Attendance in Munich

17 Mar

New Cyber-Security in Aviation LinkedIn Group has started (join below), and big Kudos to AFuzion’s Mr. Aharon David teaching a large Aviation Cyber-Security DO-326A / ED-202A full-day course at Europe’s largest aviation event: Aerospace Tech Week in Munich last week.

Aharon’s cyber-security expertise was enjoyed by a large group of class attendees who learned about aviation’s newest requirements for Cyber-Security.  Demand was so strong that seven more classes are added for 2019 including Madrid, Italy, and DASC/San Diego.

For a free copy of AFuzion’s 20-page technical Aviation Cyber-Security paper on DO-326A and ED-202A, click here: Click here for AFuzion’s 20-age Tech Whitepaper on Aviation Cyber Security

To join the new Cyber-Security in Aviation group on LinkedIn, please click here: Click To Join Free Cyber-Security in Aviation or Engineers/Managers LinkedIn Group


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