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Your #1 Aviation Plan for 2020? Easy! Toulouse, March 18-19; see you in France.

16 Dec

Aviation Engineers: it’s time for 2020 New Year Resolutions. Please choose from:

  • 1) Exercise more each day;
  • 2) Climb the Himalayas;
  • 3) Attend Aerospace Tech Week in Toulouse, France March 18-29, 2020

If you’re like me, #1 and #2 are great goals. But #3, Aerospace Tech Week in Toulouse, Europe’s aviation capitol, is the world’s largest aviation development conference. Over 1,000 engineers representing 500+ aerospace companies will attend. 100+ Free technical demos, 5 courses on aviation system development (ARP4754A), avionics software (DO-178C), cyber-security (DO-326A), and avionics hardware (DO-254) among many others. Hotels are already 70% booked, so make your 2020 resolution, and we’ll see you in Toulouse! Information here:

Now, if you are really into Goals, send me an email and join me on a 3-week Everest Base Camp ascent the week after Toulouse with my sons and friends. Seriously. But I’ll see you in Toulouse first.

Cheers, Vance Hilderman, AFuzion CEO