AFuzion’s Aviation Development Certification Checklists Surpass 10,000 Users

15 Mar

AFuzion, the world’s premier aviation development and certification services company, announced their DO-178C and DO-254 Template and  Checklist Users now surpass 10,000 engineers worldwide.

With the 10th EVTOL aircraft developer procuring AFuzion’s DO-178C/DO-254 (Software/Hardware) avionics certification checklists, AFuzion’s templates and checklists are now in use by more engineers worldwide than all other competitors, combined.  AFuzion’s DO-178C Planning Templates/Checklists and DO-254 Planning Templates/Checklists were developed all-new in 2015 and continually improved since then by usage on civil, military, UAV, and EVTOL projects. In 2019, NASA’s new manned spacecraft project utilized four AFuzion engineers fulltime to deploy AFuzion’s processes within NASA/Suppliers and now five fulltime AFuzion engineers are onsite supporting further development for NASA’s manned spaceflight.

AFuzion aviation clients in the following countries have all deployed AFuzion’s DO-178C Processes/Checklists and/or DO-254 Processes/Checklists:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • UK
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Turkey

For samples of the AFuzion DO-178C & DO-254 Templates and Checklists purchased by these clients, click here:

In addition to AFuzion’s aviation processes, clients in the above countries procured onsite and remote consulting and training by AFuzion: over 80 companies in just the past twelve months. Additionally, 9,000 engineers were trained by AFuzion’s expert team of senior Trainers in just the past 12 months:  5X more than all competitors’ trainers combined.

Says AFuzion’s Chris Jackson, Co-founder and Chief Counsel, “AFuzion’s success is clearly attributable to two things: integrity and originality. Our competitors are reselling our founder’s old templates and checklists from two decades ago:  imagine buying a used toothbrush 20 years old versus an all-new electric toothbrush for the same price.  It’s that simple: AFuzion’s D0-178 and D0-254 Templates and Checklists are the only ones all-new and also proven by over 10,000 engineers’ usage in 15+ countries. We also invest more each year into updating these new DO178 and DO254 templates and checklists than all our competitors combined. it’s an expensive and time-consuming process to keep these updated  – our competitors with their tiny, less-skilled staff simply cannot keep up. Personally, I can’t imagine buying a 20-year toothbrush and apparently the market agrees: 10,000 engineers can’t be wrong.”

For a DO-178 or DO-254 checklist free sample, simply select one from the following page and send your request to AFuzion: the difference will be readily apparent:  click here.

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