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AFuzion’s 3,000 Students in 2019 – Training in DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A

28 Oct

AFuzion trained a record 3,000 students in aviation development and certification so far in 2019.   With eight weeks remaining in 2019, last year’s record of 2,500 students will again be broken. Last week alone, 170 students were trained in DO-178C and DO-254 at Turkey’s largest aerospace company. 

AFuzion’s trainers provide both public and private training in most aviation development and certification topics including classes in DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754A, DO-326A, ED-202A, DO-278A, DO-200B, ARP4761, CAST-32, ED-79A, ED-80, ED-12C, and AMC 20-152A training.  AFuzion’s newest class is 3-days and combines DO-178C training, DO-254 training, and ARP4754A training. Provided to over 700 engineers in 2019 alone, students are consistently calling AFuzion’s training “The best they have ever received.”  AFuzion’s next public class in DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A is in Madrid, Spain, January 15-17, 2020.  For details, see here:

AFuzion’s trainers have a minimum 20-years of applied aviation engineering experience each, meaning AFuzion’s training includes practical examples of DO-178C software development, DO-254 hardware development, and ARP4754A / ARP4761 systems and safety.  Additional training modules cover Model Based Development per DO-331 and Object Oriented Technology per DO-332.  Avionics Multi-core processing training per CAST-32A is increasingly popular and AFuzion was selected as the sole trainer for the world’s largest group of U.S. Military avionics engineers at the U.S. Army Huntsville.  AFuzion’s military training in DO-178C, DO-254, and CAST-32A  has been provided to 350 U.S. Army engineering personnel.  Details are found here:

Says AFuzion’s CEO, Vance Hilderman “AFuzion has been selected as the principal, or sole, trainer for all seven of the world’s leading aviation technical conferences in seven countries on five continents.  Instead of relaxing, we use that dominance to motivate continual improvement.  Our continual training improvements mean students have the very latest information on DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754A, DO-326A, ED-202A, DO-278A, DO-200B, and ARP4761 in our classes.  It’s probably the key reason AFuzion’s trainers have provided more training in these topics than all 30 of our competitors, combined.”

Adds AFuzion’s senior manager, Jack Jones “Aviation is very dynamic. Just in the recent past new needs for EVTOL and UAV’s mean they must meet DO-178C, ARP4754A, and DO-254 guidelines for their aircraft.  But the application of D0-178C, D0-254, and ARP-4754A training is different and addressed in AFuzion’s classes.  Usually we customize the training for our 70+ private training customers annually without any additional charge – all part of AFuzion’s acclaimed service. 

For additional information on AFuzion’s latest training classes and Public training dates, simply refer to AFuzion’s site at

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AFuzion Wins Major Asian World-wide Aviation Services Contract (and Other News)

12 Jul

AFuzion is proud to win Asia’s world-wide competition for Avionics Development Services.

One of Asia’s largest aviation development companies  conducted a 2019 worldwide search for the best avionics development services company and chose … AFuzion.   Photo here of a few of their engineers at the first AFuzion meeting. This marks AFuzion’s 7th new Asian client in just the past six months.  AFuzion’s services include mentoring, consulting, DO-178C training and certification, DO-254 training and certification, and ARP4754A Systems/Safety deployment.  Also, AFuzion’s recently updated DO-178C Templates/Checklists and DO-254 Templates/Checklists are now in wide use worldwide, with over 7,000 engineers using them today … and growing.  In the past month, AFuzion has hired four new engineers:  all senior aviation, avionics, and safety veterans with 20+ years applied expertise each.  With all this growth comes additions to the corporate AFuzion office also:  a big welcome to Heather M in Web/Design, Matthew Kendall in Human Resources, and Davis Powell in Internal Operations – keep up all the great attitudes and hard work.

Also, thank you to everyone for requesting  new aviation development terms/explanations be added to our website. We followed your suggestions and added those terms along with AFuzion’s concise explanation for each. The updated AFuzion Tech Terminology for Aviation explanation page is updated and live here:  

Also, AFuzion has added three new technical aviation development training courses on RTOS’s, Multi-Core Computing / CAST-32A, and AS9115A Quality Systems Management.  Each of these courses has been given at least three times in 2019 so far so thanks to all for suggesting we add these courses as well – keep your suggestions coming and AFuzion will do its best to follow-up.  AFuzion Aviation Development Training course information is available here:

Finally, the annual IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)  is coming to USA’s  San Diego September 8-11. North America’s largest avionics development technical conference with 50+ presentations, 15+ Tutorials, and amazing guest speakers/panels covering all the important topics.  Details here:

Santa, All We Want For New Year 2019 is … Seven More Avionics Engineers!

4 Jan

OK, time for honesty:  did everyone get what they wanted from Santa Claus ten days ago?!?   Yes, Santa was good for everyone here at AFuzion Inc. with our record-breaking year doubling last year’s $ results.  But one thing (actually seven things) were missing from under the Tree … yes, Engineers.

You see, we’ve been steadily increasing staff here the past five years to keep up with our growing business in 25 countries.  At our December planning meeting, we actually wrote a letter to Santa asking him ” Santa, please bring us 9 more engineers. To start work Jan 7, 2019.”  Really.  Now folks, all of us either have children, know children, or are still children.  My kids even say I’m just a big child during the holidays.  We BELIEVE in Santa Claus. (Santa, are you listening?)  When we were kids, we usually got some of what we wanted.  But this year, Santa only brought us two engineers.  2.  T-W-O.    Santa, can you spell “N I N E”?  As in “9”.  We asked for 9.  We got 2.

Santa, do you not do math at the North Pole?  When Susie or Johnnie ask for a new bike, do you simply bring them one tire?  Yes, the two engineers you brought were great. Really.  Truly.  Top 10% of their field which is our minimum standard.  Thank you Santa.  But again we asked for Nine.  We got TWO …

Santa, if you are listening, we won’t tell anyone if you secretly make another trip to our chimney and bring us seven more engineers.  Yes, these are for the USA so must be USA citizens.  Yes, these are for the western USA so hopefully they want to live in Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Dallas.  Please Santa, if you can’t bring the engineers directly to us, please just send us their contact info or CV to our email at  Otherwise Santa, we’re going to spread the word that you sleep in funny red pajamas and live off cookies, milk, and … reindeer meat.  Santa, really.  Lay off the reindeer – just send us great Engineers please. ASAP!!!

Yours truly,

All the Engineers (Elves) at AFuzion Inc.

AFuzion Releases All-New Requirements Whitepaper for DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A Software, Hardware, and Systems

20 Dec


AFuzion Inc. today announces the free availability of its newest technical whitepaper: “Requirements for Safety-Critical & Avionics Software, Hardware, and Systems”.  Previously available only to AFuzion’s 300+ clients, this latest paper is now available for free download from AFuzion’s whitepaper page.   Says Jeff Stevenson, AFuzion’s Business Manager:  “When AFuzion was smaller, we did business with 30-40% of the world’s avionics companies. But now the majority of them are AFuzion’s clients and our  technical papers are so widely distributed it only makes sense to make them fully available to all engineers worldwide.  The key is Safety, combined with efficiency and quality, so we’re adding a little year-end Holiday Cheer and making AFuzion’s latest paper publicly available.”

Adds Vance Hilderman, AFuzion’s Chief Technical Office and the author of this paper: “System, Software, and Hardware requirements are truly the key to safety-critical project success.  As we have taught 20,000 engineers in our AFuzion courses, Requirements development, management, and refinement are the true keys to project success. ARP4754 System requirements, DO-178C software requirements, and DO-254 hardware requirements development is both a science and an art. This paper describes how to build better systems faster and cheaper via Requirements.  Few things in life, or in aviation, are simple. But that truism is.”

This latest AFuzion paper is 14-pages filled with detailed information on creating, managing, refining, and validating requirements. Remember, verification means “does the implementation meet the requirements”, whereas validation asks “and do we have the ‘right’ requirements”.  This AFuzion paper shows why Validation is more important than Verification because without the right requirements, it is largely irrelevant if they are then verified.  Indeed. 

AFuzion has created perhaps the world’s largest library of technical whitepapers for safety-critical and aviation development. AFuzion’s decade’s old papers are still distributed by former employees (with the author’s name accidentally removed and replaced), but all AFuzion’s latest papers are freely available to clients.  Anyone is allowed to download up to two papers for free, so no reason to refer to the decades-old versions passed around elsewhere. 

For a free download, simply click here or go the AFuzion website under Whitepapers: Click Here For Free AFuzion Whitepaper Download

New Free Tech Webinar Friday, June 8: “Safety, Security, Agile Development: Pick Any 3!”

4 Jun

The most frequent question we get at AFuzion the past year from dozens of clients  is “How do I merge Agile Development into my safety-critical development while ensuring my software meets Security standards???”    If you’re into aviation, automotive, or medical devices, this question has Pass/Fail consequences.  If you’re programming a cappuccino machine, it has consequences … (imagine some hacker changing my espresso machine settings remotely to provide less caffeine in my morning routine (and afternoon; and evening).  TRAGIC!!

So we’re doing something about this, to avert more serious tragedies and enable developers worldwide to better merge AGILE development into their safety and security software.  Really.  This free technical webinar is limited to the first 500 registrants – click here for more info or to register:Free Registration June 7 Tech Webinar “Safety, Security, and AGILE Development – Pick Any Three!”



AFuzion’s DO-278A Solutions Chosen by 3 of 5 World’s New CNS/ATM Developments

17 Aug

Three of the world’s top five new CNS/ATM developments chose AFuzion Inc.’s DO-278A training, gap analysis, and consulting services division. Commercial and military ground-based air traffic management systems are increasingly being required to comply with DO-278A. Why? Because Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems are becoming increasingly important while simultaneously becoming more complex. CNS/ATM systems are deployed throughout the world and beyond: on the ground, in the air, and in space. AFuzion’s DO-278A services cover DO-278A training, DO-278A Gap Analysis, and DO-278A consulting. A combination of AFuzion’s DO-278A services were chosen by, and delivered in 2016, to three of the world’s most important new DO-278A deployments of 2015 – 2016.


States AFuzion’s Chris Jackson: “We’ve been in aerospace for almost thirty years and knew DO-278A would become increasingly important , just like DO-178 twenty years ago. AFuzion’s engineers spent much of the last two years coordinating worldwide to further enhance our DO-278A capabilities. Some people think they know or can do DO-178C therefore they’re “good” for DO-278A. Wrong. DO-278A is a unique realm with many, many differences. Yes, we literally wrote the book (the world’s best-selling book) on DO-178 but that didn’t make us DO-278A experts: we’ve worked on many CNS/ATM systems and devoted significant resources to developing our proprietary DO-278A training, templates, gap analysis, and services. Winning three of the world’s top five DO-278A contracts of the past two years simply confirms our expertise and vision.”

AFuzion’s engineers developed the world’s first DO-178 training in 1988 and the world’s first DO-178 gap analysis in 1989 (for Hughes Aircraft where one of AFuzion’s founders was a Hughes Fellow). That training and gap analysis content has remained his sole, personal intellectual property since then, as are the dozens of technical papers he wrote after founding TekSci and HighRely. AFuzion’s DO-278A training, gap analysis, and consulting carry on this tradition of excellence, with AFuzion’s engineers having provided more DO-278 and DO-278A training and gap analysis activities than all other engineers in the world: combined.

Adds AFuzion’s Vance Hilderman “It’s really impressive that three of the world’s top five CNS/ATM new developments chose AFuzion for some combination of DO-278A training, DO-278A Gap Analysis, and DO-278A consulting. Interestingly, each of those three clients were on different continents which is fitting since AFuzion’s engineers have worked onsite in 35+ different countries. And these three companies vary considerably: one is large, one is mid-sized, and one is tiny. It’s like an athletic coach: good coaches can help an average Joe, a super Jane, or an Olympic John: similar principles apply but experience and customization are required. That’s what AFuzion excels at – the market simply confirmed such.”

For free DO-278A technical whitepapers, download at

For information on AFuzion’s DO-278A training, see:

For information on AFuzion’s DO-278A Gap Analysis, see:’s DO-278A Training Chosen by 3 of 5 Top CNS/ATM Developers